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Community Planning Division

The Community Planning Division collaborates with residents throughout the city. Together, we work to create the City’s Comprehensive Plan that reflects the needs, priorities and recommendations for public improvements. The Comprehensive Plan informs policy decisions to address community needs.

Development Planning Division

The Development Planning Division reviews site plans for conformance with zoning and land use requirements. We make sure applications comply with environmental regulations and other City and state development controls. We also offer recommendations on site design.

Implementation Division

The Implementation Division works to make the goals and recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan a reality. To do this, we work with City agencies, residents, community stakeholders, and elected officials.

Policy and Analysis Division

The Policy and Analysis Division works with other agencies and PCPC divisions on studies and recommendations for:

  • Municipal facilities.
  • Transportation.
  • Housing.
  • Public health.
  • Economic development.
  • Population and job forecasts.
  • Land use.
  • Environmental quality.
  • Emergency management.
  • Climate change.

Urban Design Division

The Urban Design Division works to ensure development proposals improve the public realm. This includes streets, plazas, and open spaces, as well as the building faces that relate to these spaces. Tasks include:

  • Creating design concept drawings.
  • Performing zoning code-based design reviews.
  • Supporting the Civic Design Review Committee.

Citizens Planning Institute (CPI)

The Citizens Planning Institute (CPI) introduces Philadelphians to city planning and real estate development. CPI runs a seven-week course every spring and fall to give residents the tools to improve and preserve their neighborhoods. People who take the course learn how to make a difference where they live.