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Wage Tax (employers)

Due date

The Wage Tax must be filed quarterly and paid on a schedule that corresponds with how much money is withheld from employees’ paychecks. See below to determine your filing frequency.

Tax rate

for residents of Philadelphia, or 3.44% for non-residents

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starting in 2022, you must complete quarterly returns and payments for this tax electronically on the Philadelphia Tax Center. For help getting started, and answers to common questions, you can see our online tax center guide. We no longer accept paper returns. The first filing due date for 2022 is May 2.

Who pays the tax

The City Wage Tax is a tax on salaries, wages, commissions, and other compensation. The tax applies to payments that a person receives from an employer in return for work or services. All Philadelphia residents owe the City Wage Tax, regardless of where they work. Non-residents who work in Philadelphia must also pay the Wage Tax.


All employers located in Pennsylvania are required to register with the City of Philadelphia within 30 days of becoming an employer of either:

  • A resident of Philadelphia, or
  • A non-resident of Philadelphia who performs services for an employer in Philadelphia.

Employers are required to withhold the Wage Tax from all employees who meet these criteria.

Employers and payroll service companies must also submit W-2s to the City of Philadelphia. Refer to our W-2 submission guidelines for details.

Payroll Service Companies

Payroll services that remit Philadelphia Wage Tax payments for their clients are required to make these payments electronically through the Philadelphia Tax Center. The ACH Debit EZ-pay (by phone) program is no longer available.

You should obtain your client’s established City Wage account numbers and filing frequencies upon enrollment. A client who does not have a City Wage account number must register for one through the Philadelphia Tax Center.

Payroll service companies must follow Revenue file specifications when remitting returns. Download the payroll specification document for the requirements.

If you don’t have Wage Tax withheld

You must register for an Earnings Tax account if:

  • You are a resident of Philadelphia or a non-resident who works in Philadelphia, and
  • Your employer is not required to withhold the Wage Tax.

You can register for an Earnings account through the Philadelphia Tax Center using your Social Security Number. Learn more on the Earnings Tax page.

If you must amend a Wage Tax return, visit the Philadelphia Tax Center. You can file and amend Wage Tax returns going back to 2015.

Important dates

Quarterly Filing Frequency

All Wage Tax reconciliations and corresponding schedules must be filed on the Philadelphia Tax Center.  If you are an employer, your payment frequency is determined by the amount of Wage Tax you withhold.  See chart below:

Quarter Period begins Period ends Due date
First quarter 1/1/2022 3/31/2022 05/02/2022
Second quarter 4/1/2022 6/30/2022 8/1/2022
Third quarter 7/1/2022 9/30/2022 10/31/2022
Fourth quarter 10/1/2022 12/31/2022 1/31/2023

Payment Frequency Determination

If you are an employer, your payment filing frequency is determined by the amount of Wage Tax you withhold.

Amount you withhold How often you must file Wage Tax payments
Less than $350 per month Quarterly
More than $350 but less than $16,000 per month Monthly
$16,000 or more per month (bi-monthly payroll deductions) Semi-monthly
$16,000 or more per month Weekly


Tax rates, penalties, & fees

How much is it?

Effective July 1, 2022
3.79% (Resident)
3.44% (Non-resident)

Effective July 1, 2021
3.8398% (Resident)
3.4481% (Non-resident)

Effective July 1, 2020:
3.8712% for Philadelphia residents
3.5019% for non-residents

Effective July 1, 2019:
3.8712% for Philadelphia residents
3.4481% for non-residents

Effective July 1, 2018:
3.8809% for Philadelphia residents
3.4567% for non-residents

What happens if you don't pay on time?

If you don’t pay on time, interest and penalties will be added to the amount you owe.

Interest and penalty is due on any unpaid taxes at the rate specified by Philadelphia Code 19-509.

For more information about rates, see our Interest, penalties, and fees page.

Discounts & exemptions

Are you eligible for a discount?

Income-based Wage Tax refund

If you’re approved for Tax Forgiveness under Pennsylvania 40 Schedule SP, you may be eligible for an income-based Wage Tax refund. A taxpayer (residents or non-resident) with Pennsylvania Tax Forgiveness pays Wage Tax at a reduced 1.5% rate. The City will refund Wage Tax that was withheld by the employer above the 1.5% discounted rate.

How to apply the reduction

You must attach a completed Pennsylvania Schedule SP to your refund petition to be eligible to receive the income-based rates. The City of Philadelphia will check to make sure your Schedule SP matches the state’s records.

Non-Pennsylvania residents who work in Philadelphia but do not file a Pennsylvania income tax return must include a signed copy of their state income tax return to be eligible for the income-based rates.

Refunds for time worked outside Philadelphia

If you pay more Wage Tax than is due, you can file a claim to have the excess amount refunded to you. This might happen if you’re a non-resident and your employer withholds Wage Tax for time you spent working outside Philadelphia. To receive that portion of Wage Tax back, you’ll need to request a refund.

Can you be excused from paying the tax?

Some forms of income are exempt from the Wage Tax. These include:

  • A scholarship received as part of a degree program, for which you do not provide a service
  • Pension payments
  • Benefits arising under the Workmen’s Compensation Act
  • Active military service pay and bonuses
  • Death benefits
  • Employer-paid health insurance premiums (uniformly provided to all employees)
  • Witness and juror fees
  • Sick or disability benefits
  • Proceeds of life insurance policies

How to pay

UPDATE (November  2021): As of November 2021,  all Wage Tax  filings and payments must be done on the Philadelphia Tax Center. We no longer accept paper returns.

If you are an employee of a company located in Pennsylvania, Wage Tax will be automatically withheld from your paycheck and paid by your employer to the City of Philadelphia.

If you are an employer, you will need to file and pay Wage Tax electronically, according to a schedule that corresponds with the amounts you withhold. If you are an outside payroll service, you must also file and pay the tax electronically.

Weekly & semi-monthly filers

Must remit payment electronically via ACH Credit or the Philadelphia Tax Center.

Monthly & quarterly filers

Mail payments with coupons (must be printed on your own) to:

Philadelphia Dept. of Revenue
P.O. Box 8040
Philadelphia, PA 19101

Annual reconciliations

Mail to:

Philadelphia Dept. of Revenue
P.O. Box 1670
Philadelphia, PA 19105

Tax code