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Payments, assistance & taxes

Inquire about a City-issued check

The City Treasurer’s Office can provide help with the following check types:

  • Payroll checks – standard
  • Payroll checks – special items
  • Payroll checks – supplemental
  • Vendor checks
  • Pension checks
  • Refund checks
  • Foster parent checks
  • Voter election checks
  • Sheriff escrow checks
  • Contract bidder checks
  • Electronic ACH, direct deposit

Lost, stolen, or canceled checks

If you need to replace a City-issued check because it is damaged, lost, stolen, or stale-dated, report it immediately to the City Treasurer’s Office by calling (215) 686-2309. You can also request a copy of a canceled check by contacting the City Treasurer’s Office.

Contact information for other check types

Election payments

City Commissioner’s Office
(215) 686-3465

Foster/Adoptive subsidy payments

Department of Human Services
(215) 683-6894

Pension direct deposit payments

Board of Pensions
(215) 496-7416

Refund checks

Department of Revenue
(215) 686-6575 or (215) 686-6578