Due to the extremely hot weather, the City is implementing special measures to keep people who are homeless safe. If you see someone who needs help, call (215) 232-1984.
In effect: 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 15 to 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 17

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Access to restricted areas - After an emergency

Information on the program that helps businesses reduce damage after disasters by allowing access to restricted areas after an emergency.

Accessibility compliance

Accessibility resources and accommodations available in Philadelphia.

Active Duty Tax Credit

Requirements for the Active Duty Tax Credit, which is offered to members of the armed services who are called to active duty outside PA.

Active shooter - Human-caused hazards

Information on what to do if there's an active shooter event in Philadelphia.

Adopt a child

Some children in foster care need adoptive homes. Explore the process of adopting from foster care.

After an emergency

Information on what to do after an emergency, including how to get access to a restricted area, and how to get disaster recovery funding.

Air quality

Resources you can use to find current air quality information for Philadelphia.

Amusement Tax - Business taxes

Information about taxes that are imposed on admission fees for attending any amusement in Philadelphia.

Appeal a denied residential parking spot for people with disabilities

Appeal a denied request for reserved residential on-street parking for people with disabilities.

Appeal a property assessment

Due dates and instructions for challenging a property assessment that you believe is incorrect.

Appeal a water department decision

Appeal a water department bill or decision.

Apply for a disabled parking permit

How to get a residential parking permit for a person with a disability.

Apply for a job with the City of Philadelphia

How to search and apply for a job working for the City of Philadelphia.

Apply for a media permit

Get a permit for media projects on Parks & Recreation property.

Apply for a Philadelphia Activities Fund grant

Apply for money from the Philadelphia Activities Fund from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

Apply for a residential parking permit

How to get an on-street residential parking permit.

Apply for a wedding photo permit

Apply to have professional photos taken on Philadelphia Parks & Recreation property.

Apply for an internship at the Medical Examiner's Office

The Medical Examiner’s Office offers a limited number of unpaid internships.

Ask about an EMS bill

Have a question about your EMS bill? Call our billing company at (888) 987-1135.

Ask the DHS Commissioner's Action Response Office (CARO)

CARO responds to questions, concerns, or complaints about any services provided by DHS.

Attend a workshop - Prepare for an emergency

Attend a workshop and learn what to do in case of an emergency --- hosted by the Office of Emergency Management.

Become a Fire Explorer

How to begin training for a career in the Fire Department as a teenager or young adult.

Become a firefighter

The process and requirements for becoming a Philadelphia firefighter.

Become a foster parent

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, we have the information and resources to help you get started.

Become a lifeguard

Information about becoming a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation lifeguard.

Become a paramedic

The process and requirements for becoming a paramedic.

Become a police officer

Job information and steps to take if you want to become a Philadelphia police officer.

Become a substitute teacher

Instructions for applying to become a substitute teacher for the School District of Philadelphia.

Become a U.S. citizen

How people in Philadelphia can begin the process of becoming a United States citizen.

Become a water customer

Instructions and contact information for property owners, tenants, and occupants to use when setting up a water and sewer services account.

Bike share program

General information and membership details for Philadelphia’s bike share program, Indego.

Business Income & Receipts Tax (BIRT) - Business taxes

Tax requirements for individuals, partnerships, associations, limited liability companies, and corporations engaged in for-profit activity.

Business tax regulations

Official regulations, including related amendments and rulings, for business taxes collected by the City of Philadelphia.

Business taxes

Tax types and requirements for businesses that are located or operate in Philadelphia.

Carbon monoxide poisoning - Human-caused hazards

Information on what to do if you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, and some carbon monoxide safety tips.

Center City high-rise office building rallying points

Information on rallying points for for high-rise office buildings in Center-City.

Charter schools

Information on charter schools, including school profiles and annual charter evaluations.

City building codes

A summary of City building codes, and a link to the complete code.

City health centers

Find a City health center near you.

Code Blue

Actions the City takes when it declares a Code Blue to keep people who are homeless safe from extreme cold.

Common concerns - Zika virus

Answers to some frequently asked questions about the Zika virus in Philadelphia.

Community Development Corporation (CDC) Tax Credit

Details on the CDC Tax Credit, for businesses that support economic development in distressed parts of the city.

Contact animal control

Who to contact if you have an animal control emergency, or want to report an animal care violation.

Customer responsibilities - Water pipe & meter maintenance

Information about what water customers are responsible for and what they should expect from their water service.

Debt collection agencies

Describes when the City uses collection agencies to help collect delinquent taxes, and provides links to the agencies the City uses.

Diagnosis & treatment - Zika virus

Information on symptoms and treatment of the Zika virus.

Disaster recovery funding - After an emergency

Information on where the funding for disaster recovery comes from for the City of Philadelphia.


Information on the forms of discrimination that are illegal in Philadelphia.

Dispose of Christmas trees, leaves, or pumpkins

Where and how you can discard natural waste if you live in Philadelphia.

Dispose of organic materials

How to dispose of mulch, compost, or other organic materials for a cost at the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center.

Dispute a code violation notice

Request a hearing or a review for a code violation notice.

Dispute a parking ticket

Instructions on how to appeal a parking ticket in person, by mail, or online.

Dispute a red light camera ticket

How to dispute a red light camera ticket by mail or by phone.

Dispute a water bill

If you think there's an error or a problem with your water bill, you can appeal to the Water Revenue Bureau.

Dispute an excess false alarm fine

How to dispute an excess false alarm fine that you think is in error.

Distressed Business Tax Credit

The Distressed Business Tax Credit is for businesses that lost 10% or more of their net income because of a public works project.

Drought - Natural hazards

Information on what to do if a drought strikes Philadelphia.

E-Filing City taxes

Vendors that allow you to e-file your City taxes.

Early childhood education

Resources for accessing and affording early childhood education in Philadelphia.

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) resources

Information for workers, community groups, and employers about the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC is not a City program.

Earnings Tax (employees) - Income taxes

Tax filing and payment details for people who work in Philadelphia but don't have City Wage Tax withheld from their paycheck.

Earthquake - Natural hazards

Information on what to do if an earthquake strikes Philadelphia.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Description and enrollment details of the electronic funds transfer (EFT) program, which lets you pay City taxes from a bank account.

Emergency donations - How you can help

Information on donations that might be helpful after a disaster.

Enroll in a youth Parks & Recreation program

How to sign up for a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation youth program.

Evacuation routes

Information on evacuation routes and evacuation zones in Philadelphia.

Events in Philadelphia parks

Calendar of special events scheduled to take place in Philadelphia parks and recreation centers.

Explosion - Human-caused hazards

Information on how to respond if there's an explosion in Philadelphia.

File a sexual harassment complaint

Use this form to file a complaint if you believe you have been sexually harassed.

Find a cooling center

Where to find public cooling centers during times of extreme heat and humidity in Philadelphia.

Find a fire station

Locate a fire station in Philadelphia.

Find a licensed contractor

Find a licensed contractor for your building project.

Find a playground or recreation center

Resources to help you find a playground, recreation center, or athletic field in Philadelphia.

Find a police station

How to find police stations within Philadelphia.

Find a swimming pool

Link to Philadelphia’s free indoor public pools, which are open year-round, and link to list of free outdoor public pools open in summer.

Find a trash or recycling center

Locations of trash and recycling centers in Philadelphia where you can drop off bulk trash and recycling.

Find affordable childcare

Eligibility details for subsidized child care in Philadelphia, and how to contact Child Care Information Services.

Find an inmate

How to find someone who has been taken to a Philadelphia jail or prison.

Find information about renting your property

Information about rules and regulations for renting a property in Philadelphia.

Find out what license you need for your business

Information and tools to help you determine which licenses and permits you need for your business.

Find your designated neighborhood school

Tools and resources for finding your school catchment, determining your neighborhood school, and exploring charter school options.

Fire - Human-caused hazards

Information on how to prepare for a fire before it starts.

Flood - Natural hazards

Information on how to prepare for and deal with flooding in Philadelphia.

Force a sheriff sale

Description of the Tax Sale Escrow Program, which lets people request that a tax-delinquent property be sold at a sheriff sale.

General City tax regulations

Links to general tax regulations and miscellaneous tax-specific regulations for the City of Philadelphia.

General refund information

Requirements, timelines, and forms for requesting a refund on all City taxes, bills, fines, and fees except the Wage Tax.

Get a hauling permit

Information on how to get a hauling permit.

Get a birth certificate

Description of how to order a copy of a birth certificate (with a raised seal) online, by mail, or in person.

Get a building permit

Instructions for finding and obtaining the permits you need for a building or construction project.

Get a business or trade license

Information on business and trade licenses and how to apply using eCLIPSE.

Get a Certificate of Occupancy

Instructions on applying for a Certificate of Occupancy, which is required by the City for some construction projects.

Get a copy of a divorce decree

Instructions for obtaining copies of divorce decrees in Philadelphia.

Get a death certificate

Information on how to order a copy of a death certificate (with a raised seal) online, by mail, or in person.

Get a Friends and community group event permit

This service will help Friends groups and community groups get a permit for an event at a neighborhood park.

Get a gun license

Application and instructions for getting a gun license in Philadelphia.

Get a library card

Sign up for a library card to borrow books, movies, music, and more from the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Get a license for your dog

Rules and instructions for getting a dog license in Philadelphia.

Get a marriage license

Requirements, fees, and instructions for obtaining a marriage license from the City of Philadelphia.

Get a permit for a large event or festival

You need this permit if you are not a Friends or community group, have 50 or more people, or plan to use certain equipment.

Get a picnic permit

If you're holding a picnic with 50 or more people, you'll need to apply for a picnic permit.

Get a police report

Instructions on how to get a police, fire, or EMT report by mail or in person.

Get a property sales certification

Information on how to get real estate certification in Philadelphia.

Get a restraining order

Find out who can file for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order, what it covers, and where to go if you need one.

Get a smoke alarm installed

You can request smoke alarms through Philly311, and the Fire Department will install them in your home for free.

Get a special event permit

How to hold a special event on City of Philadelphia property.

Get a street tree - Tree related services

Get a free tree planted on the street in front of your home, business, or other property.

Get a tax account

You need a tax account in order to pay business taxes, and the Earnings and Wage Tax.

Get a trail permit

Get a permit to use trails in Philadelphia.

Get a yard tree - Tree related services

Philadelphia property owners can get a free tree for their yard from TreePhilly.

Get bereavement support

The MEO offers support to families with an infant who died suddenly, and to the families of suicide and homicide victims.

Get help with domestic violence

Information and resources for people who are impacted by domestic violence.

Get notified when an inmate is released

How to sign up for PA SAVIN, a service that will notify you if an inmate is released or transferred from jail or prison.

Get organic materials

How to get free or low-cost compost, mulch, and wood chips at the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center.

Get Real Estate Tax relief

Assistance programs available for owner-occupied households.

Get tax clearance

Instructions for how to get a tax clearance certificate when one is requested by the City.

Get the Homestead Exemption

How to apply for the Homestead Exemption if you own your home in Philadelphia.

Get the vaccines your child needs to start school - Get vaccinated

Find out what vaccines are required for your child to attend any public, private, or parochial school in Philadelphia.

Get travel vaccinations - Get vaccinated

Information on how to get the vaccinations you might need if you're traveling to another country.

Get vaccinated

Getting the right vaccines (shots) helps protect you, your family, and your community from getting sick.

Get vaccinated (if you have health insurance) - Get vaccinated

If you have health insurance, it's easy and often free to get the immunizations you need to protect yourself from dangerous diseases.

Get your annual flu shot - Get vaccinated

Get a flu shot so you don't pass it on to people who are more vulnerable than you are.

Get your car back when it has been towed

How to get your car back after it has been towed, and contact information for the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Green Roof Tax Credit

Requirements and forms for the Green Roof Tax Credit, which is offered to businesses that construct a roof that supports living vegetation.

Hazardous materials - Human-caused hazards

Information on what to do if there's a hazardous materials incident in Philadelphia.

Healthy Beverages Tax Credit

Requirements for taking the Healthy Beverages Tax Credit which you can take against your BIRT if your store sells healthy drinks.

Heat-related illness

How to recognize heat-related illnesses.

Hot weather - Natural hazards

Information on how to manage excessive heat in Philadelphia by staying safe and cool.

Hotel Tax - Business taxes

Details about what the Hotel Tax is, who needs to pay it, and in what circumstances.

How to file and pay City taxes

Methods and instructions for filing returns and making payments on City taxes.

How you can help

Information on how you can help after a disaster.

Human-caused hazards

Information on what to do in human-caused hazards in Philadelphia.

Hurricane or tropical storm - Natural hazards

Information on what to do during a hurricane or tropical storm if one should hit Philadelphia.

Income tax regulations

Official regulations, including related amendments and rulings, for income taxes collected by the City of Philadelphia.

Income taxes

Tax requirements for anyone who is paid for work performed in Philadelphia, or for Philadelphia residents receiving unearned income.

Income-based water bill payment agreements

Information about payment agreements available to water bill customers.

Infectious disease - Human-caused hazards

Information on what to do if any disease or biological emergencies occur in Philadelphia.

Interactive Map of Philadelphia

A link to an interactive map of Philadelphia.

Interest, penalties, and fees

Current interest rates, penalty amounts, and fees that the City applies to late tax returns and delinquent payments.

Job Creation Tax Credit

Eligibility and application details for the Job Creation Tax Credit, which rewards businesses that increase jobs in Philadelphia.

Jump Start Philly

A program that exempts new businesses from paying the Business Income and Receipts Tax during the first two years of operations.

Keep documents safe - Prepare for an emergency

Information on how to keep your paper and computer files and records safe in an emergency.

Keep pets safe

The City requires that pet owners keep their pets safe during extreme heat and cold.

Keystone Opportunity Zone Tax Credit

Describes Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ) and the City tax credit offered to businesses that invest in these areas.

Know whether to stay or go - Prepare for an emergency

Information on what to do in an emergency that requires you to stay home, and in an emergency that requires you to evacuate.

Lead exposure

Information for Philadelphians about lead safety.

Learn English

How to find classes and other resources for people who do not speak English fluently.

Learn how to get and use naloxone (Narcan®)

Learn how to get and use naloxone, a medication that reverses an opioid overdose. Also sold under the brand names Narcan and Evzio.

LGBT community services

Resources and tools for the LGBT community in Philadelphia.

Life Partner & Transgender Care Health Benefits Tax Credits

Eligibility and benefits information for businesses that begin offering life partner or transgender care health benefits to employees.

Liquor Tax - Business taxes

Tax requirements that apply to the sale of liquor, wine, or malt and brewed beverages in Philadelphia.

Longtime Owner Occupants Program

Income and program requirements for Real Estate Tax bill discounts.

Look up zoning information

Instructions for finding zoning information for a property in Philadelphia.

Low-income senior citizen Real Estate Tax freeze

Application details for the Real Estate Tax freeze, which is offered to senior citizen homeowners who meet age and income requirements.

Make a go bag - Prepare for an emergency

Information on how to make a personal evacuation kit. It should have basic supplies to help keep you and your family healthy and safe.

Make a shelter-in-place kit - Prepare for an emergency

Information on how to create a kit to keep in your house for use in an emergency when you can't leave the house.

Make an appointment at the Philadelphia Parks & Rec Historic Archive

Information about making an appointment at the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Historic Archive.

Make an emergency plan - Prepare for an emergency

Information on how to make an emergency plan to prepare for any emergencies that may come up.

Mechanical Amusement Tax - Business taxes

Tax information for owners or operators of for-profit amusement or entertainment devices.

Natural hazards

Information on how to handle natural hazards that may hit Philadelphia.

Net Profits Tax - Business taxes

Tax requirements imposed on net profits from the operation of a trade, business, profession, enterprise, or other activity.

Nuclear or radiation incident - Human-caused hazards

Information on what to do if there's a nuclear or radiation incident in Philadelphia.

Occupants - Become a water customer

Information on how to set up water services for those who have permission to live in a property without a lease.

Outdoor Advertising Tax - Business taxes

Tax requirements that apply to the rental or purchase price of space used for outdoor advertising signs.

Overview - Zika virus

Information on the history of the Zika virus, and its recent spread.

Paid sick leave

Details on the City law that requires sick leave for employees, and how to report a Philadelphia business that isn’t following the law.

Parking Tax - Business taxes

Details about what the Parking Tax is, who needs to pay it, and when.

Pay a code violation notice

Pay the fine for code violations.

Pay a parking ticket

Accepted methods of payment for parking tickets.

Pay a red light ticket

Instructions on how to pay a ticket issued through the Red Light Camera Program.

Pay an excess false alarm fine

Pay the fee for an excess false alarm fine.

Pay delinquent tax balances

How to pay a delinquent tax balance and who to contact if you need to set up a payment plan.

Pay for work done by the City on your property

How to pay a Delinquent Account Notice you received for work done on your property by the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

Petition for a tax appeal

Learn how to appeal a tax assessment.

Philadelphia Beverage Tax - Business taxes

Details about what the Philadelphia Beverage Tax is, who needs to pay it, and when. Official tax regulations are provided.

Philadelphia Re-Entry Program (PREP) Tax Credit

Tax credit details for businesses that employ someone who is returning to work after incarceration, or who is on parole or probation.

Plan a block party

Guidelines and resources for planning a block party in Philadelphia.

Plan for everyone - Prepare for an emergency

Information on how to make emergency plans for everyone in your household, including your pets.

Pregnancy risks - Zika virus

Information on how pregnant women can become infected with Zika virus.

Prepare for an emergency

Information on how to prepare for different kinds of emergencies in Philadelphia.

Prevent water shutoffs - Water shutoffs

Find out how to prevent or postpone a water shutoff.

Prevention - Zika virus

Information on the best way to prevent yourself from getting bitten by mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus.

Property owners - Become a water customer

Information for new property owners on how to set up water services.

Property tax abatements

Guidelines for determining which Real Estate Tax abatements you can get for your property.

Property tax exemptions

Explore ways to reduce your Real Estate Tax through exemptions available to Philadelphia property owners.

Property tax regulations

Official regulations for property taxes collected by the City of Philadelphia.

Property taxes

Tax information for owners of property located in Philadelphia, including tax rates, due dates, and applicable discounts.

Rain Check program

Manage the stormwater at your home with a free rain barrel, downspout planter, rain garden, or porous paving installed at a reduced price.

Real Estate Tax - Property taxes

Rates, due dates, discounts, and exemptions for the City's Real Estate Tax, which must be paid by owners of property in Philadelphia.

Real Estate Tax deferral program

Eligibility and requirements for postponing payment on increases in Real Estate Taxes.

Real Estate Tax refunds

Form and instructions for claiming a refund on excess Real Estate Tax paid to the City.

Real Estate Tax sequestration

Details on the Real Estate Tax Sequestration Program, in which the City has a third party take over management of a tax-delinquent property.

Realty Transfer Tax - Property taxes

Requirements and rates related to the Realty Transfer Tax, which applies to the sale or transfer of real estate located in Philadelphia.

Reasons for water shutoff - Water shutoffs

Information about why water service might be shut off.

Refunds for taxes paid to local jurisdictions

Claim a refund for taxes you paid on the same income to both the City of Philadelphia and another local jurisdiction outside Pennsylvania.

Register a burglar alarm / Pay the annual fee

Information about how to register your burglar alarm and pay the annual fee.

Register a business

Instructions for registering a business in Philadelphia, including how to choose your business structure and get a City tax account number.

Register for summer camp

Enroll in a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation summer camp.

Rent a Parks & Recreation venue

Rent a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation venue for your event.

Report a dangerous building or code violation

Directions for reporting a building code violation through Philly311 or an online form.

Report a dead tree - Tree related services

What to do if you see a dead tree in your neighborhood.

Report a noise violation

Instructions for what to do if you want to report a noise violation.

Report a possible fire code violation

Let us know about a potentially dangerous condition at a home or business.

Report a pothole or street light outage

Instructions for reporting potholes, street light outages, and other problems to 311, and tracking the progress of your service request.

Report a vacant or dangerous building

What to do if you see a vacant or dangerous building in your neighborhood.

Report child abuse or neglect

Call the DHS hotline at (215) 683-6100 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report suspected abuse or neglect of children.

Report elder abuse

When and how to report elder abuse in Philadelphia.

Report for jury duty

What you need to know about reporting for jury duty, including location, exemptions, and rescheduling.

Report graffiti

How to get graffiti removed by the Anti-Graffiti Network.

Report wage theft

How to determine if you've been the victim of wage theft, and how to report it.

Report wrongdoing in City government

How to report possible unethical or illegal activities within City government.

Request an animal-free zone

How to make an area of a Parks & Recreation property animal-free.

Request Medical Examiner records

How to request records or an autopsy report from the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Request street tree maintenance - Tree related services

Request maintenance for a tree on your street.

Reserve a Parks & Recreation facility or field

You need a permit to reserve part of a Parks & Rec facility for group activity. You also need a permit to use outdoor fields for sports.

Resolve business and income/wage tax liens & judgments

How to obtain a lump sum payoff of business & income/wage tax liens & judgments.

Resolve water liens & judgments

How to resolve outstanding water liens or judgments before selling or refinancing a Real Estate property (payoff requests).

Restore water service - Water shutoffs

Instructions for how to get water service restored after it has been shut off.

Returns on a Disk (ROAD)

Instructions for tax preparers who wish to receive software from Revenue to help complete and file certain returns electronically.

Reunify my family

Important steps you can take to reunify your family if your child or children have been put in foster care.

Sales, Use, & Hotel Occupancy Tax - Business taxes

Tax requirements that apply to taxable goods and services by retailers and service providers.

Save your property from foreclosure

Tools and resources to avoid losing your property through foreclosure in Philadelphia.

School Income Tax - Income taxes

Tax details for Philadelphia residents who receive unearned income such as dividends, royalties, rental income, and some types of interest.

School Income Tax Regulations

The full regulations for School Income Tax.

Search civil case dockets

How to find information about City of Philadelphia civil court cases.

Search for property history and business license information

Search for information on a property's trade licenses, violations, and permits or search for business license information.

Send mail to someone in jail or prison

How to send mail to a person who is incarcerated.

Senior citizen water bill discount

The City offers a discount on water and sewer bills for senior citizens who meet age and income requirements. Find out how to apply.

Services for people experiencing homelessness

Services available to people in Philadelphia who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Set up a payment agreement for your business or income taxes

If you’re behind on paying your taxes, the Department of Revenue will work with you to arrange a payment agreement.

Set up a Real Estate Tax payment plan for property you don’t live in

Arrange a payment agreement if you have difficulty paying taxes on real estate that you own but don’t occupy.

Set up a Water bill payment plan

Payment information for those who are having trouble paying their water bill.

Set up an Owner-occupied Real Estate Tax Payment Agreement (OOPA)

Program guidelines for homeowners who agree to make affordable monthly payments on property taxes that are past due.

Set up Real Estate Tax installment plan

Instructions for senior citizens and low-income taxpayers who want to pay their Real Estate Tax in monthly installments.

Sheriff & lien sales

Information on buying a property from a sheriff's sale, stopping a sheriff's sale, and claiming excess sheriff sale funds.

Stay informed - Prepare for an emergency

Information on how to stay informed during an emergency using ReadyPhiladelphia, the media, and Philly311.

Stop water service - Water shutoffs

Instructions for property owners on how to permanently stop water and sewer services.

Street closures

Resources for finding out about street closures in Philadelphia.

Submit a tip to the police

Instructions on how to submit an anonymous tip to the police via text, phone, email, or using an online form.

Sustainable Business Tax Credit

Tax credit eligibility requirements, amounts, and application details for businesses that meet certain sustainability criteria.

Sustainable Jump Start Tax Credit

A tax credit for new businesses, that allows new, sustainable, job-creating businesses to use a 0% rate on BIRT for the first three years.

Take a free class

Information on free adult education classes supported by the Free Library and the Office of Adult Education.

Technical (private letter) rulings

Explains technical or "private letter" rulings, where taxpayers request interpretation of their tax situation from Revenue. Also lists fees.

Tenants - Become a water customer

Information for those who pay rent on how to set up water services.

Terrorism - Human-caused hazards

Information about how Philadelphia prepares for and prevents acts of terrorism.

Thunderstorm - Natural hazards

Information on what to do before and during thunderstorms in Philadelphia.

Tobacco and Tobacco-Related Products Tax - Business taxes

Tax requirements that apply to tobacco and tobacco-related products sold by retailers, including items sold through vending machines.

Tornado and wind storms - Natural hazards

Information on what to do before and during a tornado in Philadelphia.

Track vendor payment

Track payments the City owes you as a vendor.

Trash & recycling pickup schedules

Trash and recycling collection schedules for your neighborhood.

Travel precautions - Zika virus

Information on travel precautions one should take to prevent Zika transmission.

Tree related services

Services related to getting or taking care of street and yard trees.

University City high-rise office building rallying points

Information on rallying points for University City high-rise office buildings in case of emergency.

Use & Occupancy Tax - Business taxes

Tax requirements for owners or landlords whose property is used for business purposes in Philadelphia.

Utility interruption - After an emergency

Information on how to prepare for a utility interruption and power outage.

Vaccinate your child - Get vaccinated

Protect your children from these diseases by making sure that they are up-to-date on their vaccinations (shots).

Valet Parking Tax - Business taxes

Information about taxes applied to the use of valet parking services in Philadelphia.

Vehicle Rental Tax - Business taxes

Details about what the Vehicle Rental Tax is, who needs to pay it, and when.

Veterans Employment Tax Credit

Eligibility and application details for businesses that participate in Credit for Employment of Returning Veterans of the Armed Services,

Visit a person in jail or prison

Rules and policies for visiting someone who is incarcerated in a jail or prison in Philadelphia.

Voluntary disclosure of non-payment

Requirements for when a business comes forward to register, file, and pay for taxes owed.

Volunteering - How you can help

Information on volunteering in Philadelphia after a disaster.


Find out where you can vote and what's on your ballot.

Wage Tax (employers) - Business taxes

Instructions for taxes that apply to payments a person receives from an employer in return for work or services.

Wage Tax refunds

Claim a refund on Wage Taxes paid to the City. Instructions are for salaried and commissioned employees as well as income-based refunds.

Water bill customer assistance

How to apply for assistance on your water bill based on income, age, or a special situation that is making it hard to pay your water bill.

Water meters - Water pipe & meter maintenance

Instructions for installing water meters and what to do if a water meter is damaged.

Water pipe & meter maintenance

Details about the equipment that connects your property to the City’s water and sewer service lines, and what you’re required to maintain.

Water shutoffs

Find out why water shutoffs happen, how to prevent them, and how to get water service turned back on.

What the City is doing - Zika virus

Prevention, testing, and education for Philadelphia residents, and professional support for healthcare providers.

What you can do - Zika virus

How Philadelphia residents can prevent mosquitoes and mosquito bites.

Winter weather - Natural hazards

Information on how to handle severe winter weather in Philadelphia.

Zika virus

Information about Zika in Philadelphia, and how the City is working to prevent the emergence and spread of the disease.

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