Open data program

Making city government data easier to use and accessible to all.

What we do

We help departments share data from city government with the public on OpenDataPhilly. Access to data, like the city budget, property assessments, and 311 service requests makes government more transparent.

The Office of Open Data & Digital Transformation and CityGeo staff help departments publish their data and offer:

  • Best practices around data quality and data privacy.
  • Technology to keep the data up to date.
  • Interactive maps and charts to make the data easier to understand and use.
  • Trainings and presentations to raise awareness of the City’s open data.
  • Engagement with the local tech community.

We are committed to sharing data because it helps:

  • Enhance government accountability.
  • Create business opportunities.
  • Enable government leadership to make decisions informed by data.
  • Empower community organizations.
  • Enable public participation in civic technology.

Read the executive order that established the City’s open data program in 2012.


1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 630
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Visit OpenDataPhilly to see datasets from the City

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