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Integrity Works

Working to promote a culture of ethical behavior in City government.


There are many rules guiding ethical behavior in government. Rules cover behavior such as:

  • Accepting gifts.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Disclosing financial interests.
  • Engaging in partisan political activities.

At times, these rules can be complex and difficult to comprehend. That's why the Office of the Chief Integrity Officer has created this site, Integrity Works. It's a site for:

  • City elected officials and employees.
  • City employees.
  • Board and commission members.
  • City vendors.
  • Citizens of Philadelphia.

Integrity Works provides easy to understand and follow guidance on ethics-related issues. You can find:

  • A breakdown of the City’s ethics rules.
  • Contact information for the ethics watchdogs who interpret and enforce these ethics rules.
  • Informal guidance on the most commonly asked questions.


City Hall
Room 215
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Department Mission Contact Information
Board of Ethics Administers and enforces all City Charter provisions concerning ethics, as well as the City Ethics Code. (215) 686-9450

Office of the Inspector General Investigates allegations of fraud, corruption, and misconduct by City employees and those doing business with the City. (215) 686-1770
Law Department Provides legal advice and services to City departments, agencies, boards and commissions, and elected officials. (215) 683-5001
Contracts Legislation Unit, Office of the Chief Administrative Officer Oversees compliance with Chapter 17-1400 of the Philadelphia Code. (215) 686-4914
Procurement Department Oversees bidding and contract execution process for supplies, equipment, non-professional services, public works, concessions, and best value contracts. (215) 686-4720