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Request a Real Estate Tax refund

You may need to request a Real Estate Tax refund if:

  • You paid more tax than you owed.
  • You were approved for the Longtime Owner-Occupants Program (LOOP) discount between 2014 through 2018. For Taxpayers approved in 2019, your credit is automatically applied to your 2020 Real Estate Tax liability, and it is non-refundable.
  • Your 2023 property assessment is under appeal or was reduced as a result of an appeal.

Submitting an online petition is the fastest and most convenient way to claim a refund. A username and password aren’t required to submit an electronic petition through the Philadelphia Tax Center. All you need is your address:

  1. Go to the Philadelphia Tax Center.
  2. Find “Search for a property” on the homepage and enter your street address.
  3. Select “Search.” Your property’s OPA number will appear in blue on the right side of this same screen. Select it and proceed to the next screen, where you can view a summary of your property account.
  4. If there’s a refundable credit on your account, you will see a blue “Apply for a refund” link on the right side of this screen. Select it and enter your entity type and relationship to the property.
  5. Complete all sections on the “Property refund petition” screen and follow the on-screen instructions to submit your refund request. You’ll need your OPA number and property address.
Due to higher-than-normal volume, please allow eight to 10 weeks for processing requests. We appreciate your understanding.

Who can apply

Real Estate Tax refunds can only be requested by the payee:

  • If your mortgage company paid your Real Estate Tax, they must request the refund.
  • If your mortgage company grants you permission to apply for a refund, you must include a letter from the mortgage company, on their letterhead, authorizing the City to release the funds to you.
  • Proof of payment is required.

LOOP discounts and 2023 assessment appeals

For refunds related to LOOP or 2023 property assessment appeals, your refund petition form should also include the reason you’re seeking a refund. To do this, write “LOOP” or “BRT appeal” on the form.

Forms & instructions