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Change form: Update or close a tax account

You need to alert the Department of Revenue if you:

  • Want to update an address
  • Are no longer doing business in Philadelphia
  • No longer need to pay taxes in Philadelphia

You can update or close the following account type(s) online: Amusement, Beverage, Business Income and Receipts (BIRT), Earnings, Hotel, Liquor, Mechanical Amusement, Net Profits (NPT), Outdoor Advertising, Parking, School Income (SIT), Tobacco, Valet Parking, Vehicle Rental, and Wage. You must log into the Philadelphia Tax Center to update or close accounts.

You can also use this printable form to update or close a City tax account.

Name Description Released Format
Tax account change form PDF Add a tax, change contact information, or cancel an account. January 18, 2023