Payments, assistance & taxes

Set up a Real Estate Tax installment plan

This program is for all senior citizens and low-income taxpayers who own and live in their home. If eligible, you can pay your current-year Real Estate Tax in monthly installments.

Applying for the plan

To apply, you must complete and mail in the current-year installment plan application, including all required information. Applications must be received by the end of March. If approved, you will receive a payment coupon book by the end of April, with coupons for eight required monthly payments. The first payment is due in May.

Automatic re-enrollment

If you make all eight required monthly payments, you are automatically enrolled in the installment plan for the following year. A payment coupon book will be mailed to you in December, and the first of 12 monthly payments will be due in January.

Failing to pay on time

If you don’t make your monthly payment, your tax balance will be considered in default. If this happens, you will be removed from the installment plan program and all taxes, including “additions” (interest and charges added to the original tax amount), will be due at that time.

Changes that affect your eligibility

Please note that any change to your deed or an increase in income above the eligibility requirements will cancel the installment plan. You must notify us of any changes as a requirement to your participation in the installment plan. Income requirements are detailed in the program application.