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Appeal a water department decision


You can file a Water department appeal with the Office of Administrative Review’s Tax Review Board if you:

  • Want to dispute a water bill.
  • Want to dispute a Homeowners Emergency Loan Program (HELP) decision.
  • Need to appeal an informal decision from the water department.
  • Are found ineligible for a payment agreement.
  • Have an application for service rejected.
  • Have your water shut off.

Where and when

Submit water department appeals to the Tax Review Board by:

  • Fax.
  • Email.
  • Mail.


Fax, email, or mail three copies of your completed Water Department Appeal form, along with a copy of the disputed bill.


(215) 686-5228



Office of Administrative Review/Tax Review Board
100 South Broad Street, Room 400
Philadelphia, PA 19110

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