Office of Administrative Review

Providing fair hearings for disputes about City fines or administrative decisions.

Office of Administrative Review

COVID-19 update: All hearings scheduled at the Office of Administrative Review have been postponed indefinitely. This includes Tax Review Board, code violations, red light camera, residential parking spot for people with disabilities, and ATVs. Refer to the Tax Review Board website for information regarding the extension of filing deadlines and submitting petitions by email. You can still submit an online appeal of a Code Violation ticket.

What we do

The Office of Administrative Review (OAR) reviews cases where residents or business owners disagree with a:

  • Fine.
  • Violation notice.
  • Tax assessment.
  • Other City of Philadelphia administrative decision.

OAR provides an appeal process, administers hearings, and manages the financial aspects of some cases.

  • Our Code Violation Unit registers security alarm systems. It also helps enforce excess false alarm violations, sanitation violations, and other City laws administered with code violation notices (CVNs).
  • The Tax Review Board hears taxpayer appeals of all City assessments or bills, except real estate tax assessments and real estate tax principal. A hearing master will hear cases for matters under $50,000.
  • We also handle Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) appeals, including:
    • Appeals for red light camera violations.
    • Appeals for denied residential disability parking spaces.


100 S. Broad St.
Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19110


Name Job title Phone #
Melissa C. Andre Executive Director
(215) 686-5220
Paula Weiss Executive Director
(215) 686-5216
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Taxpayers should first attempt to resolve any billing disputes with the appropriate department. If the dispute cannot be resolved at the department, you can file an appeal by emailing your petition to