Office of Administrative Review

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Burglar alarm, register or pay fee for a

Information about how to register your burglar alarm and pay the annual fee.

Code violation notice, dispute a

Request a hearing or a review for a code violation notice.

Code violation notice, pay a

Pay the fine for code violations.

Denied residential parking spot for people with disabilities, appeal a

Appeal a denied request for reserved residential on-street parking for people with disabilities.

Dispute or appeal a decision

Find out how you can dispute tickets or fines and make appeals.

Excess false alarm fine, dispute an

How to dispute an excess false alarm fine that you think is in error.

Excess false alarm fine, pay an

Pay the fee for an excess false alarm fine.

Red light camera ticket, dispute a

How to dispute a red light camera ticket by mail or by phone.

Tax appeal, petition for a

Learn how to appeal a tax assessment.

Water department decision, appeal a

Appeal a water department bill or decision.