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Streets, sidewalks & alleys

Apply to paint an “X” on the street in front of your driveway

The Department of Streets approves pavement markings to ensure that traffic moves safely and efficiently. If people are parking at the end of your legal driveway and blocking it, you can apply for a permit to paint a no-parking “X” on the pavement.

If you want to report a property owner who painted markings without approval, contact 311.


There is no cost for this permit. You will be responsible for painting the pavement marking.


Submit an application.

Print the paper application yourself, or use the online form below to request a hard copy by mail. Once completed, you must mail your application to:

Municipal Services Building, Room 980
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Work Phone:
A traffic engineer will review your application.

The engineer will determine the appropriate markings and illustrate them for your reference.

If approved, you will get a permit and an attached drawing.

The markings you paint must comply with the measurements noted on the permit. They should be 4 inches wide and in white paint only.

You should keep a copy of your permit on the premises. If the City asks you to remove the markings, you must do so within three days.

Request a driveway marking application by mail