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Streets, sidewalks & alleys

Request a traffic sign or report a problem

Traffic control signs direct, inform, and prohibit vehicles, and warn them of possible danger. Flashing signs for school zones are traffic control signs, too.

This is the process for requesting a new sign or reporting a problem with a current sign. There is a different process for reporting a problem with a traffic light.

There are also different processes for requesting these common (non-traffic) signs:

  • Temporary “No Parking” signs: Call (215) 686-5525 to make a request.
  • “Curb Your Dog” and “No Littering” signs: Registered block captains can contact the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee at (215) 685-3971.
  • “Drug-free Zone” signs: These are not issued by the City. Rather, they can be purchased at home improvement stores. The federal statute for drug-free zones is enforceable only within 300 feet of a school.

Requests requiring a traffic engineer's approval

New four-way stop signs

To request a new four-way stop sign, write to the chief traffic engineer of the Department of Streets. The department will acknowledge your request and conduct a study.

New flashing school zone signs

To get a new flashing sign for a school zone, the school principal should contact the chief traffic engineer to request an application. Note that the Streets Department only installs flashing signs for public schools, and power to the signs must come from the school facility.

Send requests to the chief traffic engineer:

Department of Streets
Room 980
Municipal Services Building
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Request traffic sign service online

To request a traffic sign (other than a new four-way stop or new flashing school zone sign) or to report a problem with an existing sign, complete this form.