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Apply to install a parklet

Parklets are small platforms that take the place of one or two on-street parking spaces during the spring, summer, and early fall. Parklets increase public access to outdoor space and encourage engagement with neighborhood street life by providing seating, tables, and other amenities.

Local businesses and community organizations are key partners in the City’s parklet program. The Department of Streets permits individual parklets, but the spaces and amenities are managed and maintained by the applicants. This gives every parklet a unique personality and style.

This process is separate from getting a sidewalk cafe license or applying to temporarily offer outdoor dining.


Anyone can apply for a permit to install and operate a parklet. Partnerships are encouraged.

Applicants must demonstrate that their proposed parklet has an appropriate design and location, and that it has the community’s support.

The permit holder will be responsible for maintaining the parklet. They must be the same person or group that holds the required insurance.


The City reviews parklet applications on a rolling basis.

Make sure to allow enough time for revisions to designs, if required. The City’s reviews can take several months.

How to apply

To learn more about the process and apply, contact the pedestrian enhancement program manager at They can:

  • Provide guidelines for parklet placement, design, and operation.
  • Explain the online permitting process.
  • Answer questions about the parklet program.

What happens next

Once the Streets Department reviews and approves a parklet, you will receive a one-year pedestrian enhancement permit.

This permit allows a parklet to be in the street between April 1 and November 30. The permit holder is responsible for:

  • Installing the parklet in the spring.
  • Removing the parklet in the fall.
  • Storing the parklet and any tables, chairs, planters, or other parklet elements during the winter.

Renewing a permit

You can renew your pedestrian enhancement permit for up to three years. Renewal doesn’t require another full review.

The City may not renew a permit if a parklet poses a safety hazard or the permit holder hasn’t complied with the City’s guidelines or maintenance requirements.

After three renewals, you must reapply for a new permit.

Construction projects and parklets

Construction projects may require the temporary removal of a parklet. In this case, the Streets Department will notify the parklet’s permit holder.

The permit holder is responsible for removing and storing their parklet during permitted construction.