Department of Streets

Ensuring clean, safe, and green streets for the people of Philadelphia.

Department of Streets

What we do

The Department of Streets designs, builds, and repairs the City’s streets and roadways. In addition to picking up trash and recycling, we maintain and operate streetlights and traffic control devices.

To help keep the City of Philadelphia clean, safe, and moving, we:

  • Maintain 320 bridges and 2,525 miles of streets and highways.
  • Gather data on traffic and evaluate causes of accidents.
  • Manage programs like the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee, SWEEP, Zero Waste and Litter, and Philly Recycling Rewards.
  • Provide all surveying functions for the City of Philadelphia.
  • Plan the location, time, and methods for street reconstruction.


1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1676
Phone: 311

Looking for more information?

You can find more about the Department of Streets on the City's legacy pages.


Carlton Williams

For over 20 years, Carlton Williams has led a distinguished career in public service, working in several major city departments.  As Streets commissioner, he furthers his commitment to service by overseeing the third largest City department impacting Philadelphia residents.

While deputy commissioner of Sanitation, he improved the City’s recycling rates, saving the City millions of dollars each year. As commissioner he continues to focus on environmental stewardship through programs and initiatives like the annual Philly Spring Cleanup and BigBelly trash bins, the City’s effort to move the waste diversion rate toward a long-term goal of zero waste entering landfills and incinerators.


Name Job title Phone #
Richard Montanez Deputy Commissioner of Transportation
(215) 686-5515
Christopher Newman Deputy Streets Commissioner of Administration
(215) 686-5465
Keith Warren Deputy Streets Commissioner of Sanitation
(215) 686-5470
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