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Apply for a Temporary No Parking (TNP) permit

The Department of Streets issues Temporary No Parking (TNP) permits for:

  • Moving trucks.
  • Storage containers or pods.
  • Temporary dumpsters.
  • Restaurant use and loading.

You will need a different kind of permit to close a street for crane placement, helicopter lifts, or banner installation.


To apply, you must provide:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • The address where you want to place the moving truck, container, etc.
  • The length of the moving truck or number of moving containers or dumpsters.
  • The start and end time for your permit.

For restaurant use, you should also be prepared to provide your business privilege license number.

When to apply

You must apply at least four business days before you need the permit. If you’ve not been contacted three days before you need the permit, contact the Streets Department Right-of-Way Unit at (215) 686-5500.

Cost and duration

The permit cost and duration depends on how you will use the parking space. It may also be affected by the location or size of the vehicle or equipment that you’re parking.

Forty feet is roughly equal to two parking spaces.

Purpose of permit Cost and duration
Moving truck The cost in Center City or University City is $50 per 40 feet of space, per day.

The cost in all other areas of the city is $25 per 40 feet of space, per day.

Moving container or pod The cost is $50.

You can park the container for a maximum of five days.

Temporary dumpster The cost is $40.

You can place the dumpster for up to seven days without a permit from the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

Restaurant use The cost is $25 per 40 feet of space, per day.

Provide your requested dates in the “purpose” section of your application.


Complete the online application for a temporary no parking permit.

You should only apply for one address per permit. If you enter multiple addresses into your application, only the first one will be processed.

Likewise, you should only apply for one permit per address. If you apply for multiple permits for the same date and address, the processing time for your application will increase.

A Right-of-Way Unit reviewer will process your application.

They will contact you with an invoice or to request more information.

Your requested permit location may change if it’s affected by local parking restrictions. This might happen if there is no legal parking in the area where you request the permit, or if it’s a loading zone.

Pay online using the payment center or by one of the other methods listed on the invoice.

For the payment center, you’ll need to provide the reference numbers shown on your invoice.

A reviewer will verify your payment and issue the final permit.
Print your permit and take it to a Philadelphia police district headquarters.

You can use the police district map to find a location near you.

The police district will give you temporary no parking signs.

Post the signs as soon as you receive your permit, or at least 24 hours before you need the spaces. If someone parked in your zone during your permit dates, contact your local police district to request that the vehicle be issued a ticket. It can then be towed.


The Temporary No Parking permit fee covers the cost of processing your application and issuing the permit. The permit is non-refundable.

If you paid the invoice but did not receive your permit in time, you may complete and submit a refund petition form. You must provide substantial evidence that you did not receive the permit in a timely manner to get a refund.