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Report predatory towing

When there are serious accidents or disabled vehicles on city streets, the City’s rotational towing program dispatches an approved towing company. To participate, companies must adhere to the City’s standards, including a set schedule of fees.

Unless a towing company is dispatched through this program, it’s illegal for them to:

  • Tow your car from an accident scene involving an emergency response on a city street.
  • Tow a disabled vehicle blocking the right-of-way.

If you’ve experienced predatory towing behavior like wreck-chasing or price-gouging, you can file a complaint. Towing companies that engage in these behaviors may face serious penalties, including removal from the City’s approved tow list.

How to file a complaint

You can file a complaint through AutoReturn. Using their feedback channel, you can submit comments and concerns about:

  • Your experience with the rotational towing program.
  • Instances of wreck-chasing or price-gouging.
  • Towing companies in Philadelphia.

To understand your rights in regard to towing, review the City’s rotational towing information for consumers.