Managing Director's Office

Improving the performance and progress of the City’s operating departments.

Managing Director’s Office

What we do

The Managing Director’s Office (MDO) is a cabinet-level office with oversight of the City’s operating departments. We make sure that the government works as efficiently as possible and that departments coordinate efforts when their project areas overlap. We also play a major role in creating new policies and making sure they are enacted successfully. Governing a city the size of Philadelphia is complicated and requires an office like ours to make sure all the pieces work together.

The Managing Director’s Office is organized around five cabinets, each overseeing the departments of specific program areas, including:

  • Community & Culture
  • Community Services
  • Health and Human Services
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation & Infrastructure


1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 1430
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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You can find more about the Managing Director's Office on the City's legacy pages.


Michael DiBerardinis
Managing Director
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Name Job Title Email Phone # Social
Brian Abernathy First Deputy Managing Director
Michael Carroll Deputy Managing Director for Transportation and Infrastructure
Vanessa Garrett-Harley Deputy Managing Director for Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Eva Gladstein Deputy Managing Director for Health and Human Services
Joanna Otero-Cruz Deputy Managing Director for Community Services
Maari Porter Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives
Chris Rupe Chief of Staff
David G. Wilson Deputy Managing Director for Community and Culture