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Apply to install a bike corral

Bike corrals offer parking for bicycles in front of commercial properties. A bike corral must:

  • Occupy a single on-street parking space.
  • Provide parking spaces for at least eight bicycles.
  • Have flexible delineator posts or other approved elements at either end and along the edge of the parking lane.

Local businesses and community organizations are key partners in the City’s bike corral program. The Department of Streets permits individual corrals, but the spaces are managed and maintained by the permit holders.


Any tenant or owner of a commercial property can apply for a bike corral in front of their business. Community organizations and other nonprofits may apply for a permit with the support of the property owner.

Where there is a partnership, maintenance and repair can be shared or coordinated between a business and community organization. However, the City must have a single point of contact for all bike corral maintenance and inspection requests.

The official permit holder must be the same person or group that holds the required insurance.


The City reviews bike corral applications on a rolling basis.

Simple bike corral designs can usually be approved in a few weeks, while more complex bike corral designs may take more time to review. Some bike corral designs might require more than one round of revisions. Make sure to allow enough time for revisions to designs, if required.

How to apply

To learn more about the process and apply, contact the bike corral program manager at They can:

  • Provide guidelines for bike corral placement, design, and operation.
  • Explain the online permitting process.
  • Answer questions about the bike corral program.

Proposed bike corrals must demonstrate an appropriate location and design. They must also be maintained and have the community’s support.

What happens next

Once the Streets Department reviews and approves a bike corral, you will receive a one-year pedestrian enhancement permit.

The permit holder is responsible for installing, maintaining, and operating the bike corral.

Bike owners use the racks at their own risk. Drivers are responsible if they hit fixed objects, including bikes and bike racks.

Renewing a permit

You can renew your pedestrian enhancement permit for up to three years. Renewal doesn’t require another full review.

The City may not renew a permit if a parklet poses a safety hazard or the permit holder hasn’t complied with City’s guidelines or maintenance.

After three renewals, you must reapply for a new permit.

Construction projects and parklets

Construction projects may require the temporary removal of a bike corral. In this case, the Streets Department will notify the bike corral’s permit holder.

The permit holder is responsible for removing and storing all components of their bike corral during permitted construction.

Once construction is complete, the permit holder must let the bike corral program manager know when they plan to re-install their bike corral. The bike corral must be re-installed in the same configuration approved by their permit.