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Get an affordable housing zoning bonus review

Service overview

Affordable housing zoning bonuses are for those who add affordable dwellings to their projects or pay money into a fund that supports affordable housing.

Developers apply for affordable housing zoning bonuses with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC). PCPC must approve the application. PCPC may also need to review building permit plans for compliance.


Only developments in certain zoning districts are eligible for the affordable housing zoning bonus. See the application instructions for more details.


You must have determined if you want to build the affordable units or pay the fee in lieu of building affordable units. You will also need to know the level of affordability you will be using.

To get building permits for the project, you will need to enter into legal agreements with the City.

A review of your affordable unit plan may be required before you get building permits.


There is no cost for the review of the application.


To apply for an affordable housing zoning bonus, you must complete the application form. Submit it via email to Include contact information for the person who is making the application. Someone will contact you directly.

Note that you may be asked to change information on your site plans to match that of the application.