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Zoning, planning & development

Get a site plan review

Service overview

Certain zoning applications need a review by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC). These types of reviews include:

  • Lot line changes.
  • Parking lots and landscaping.
  • Wissahickon Watershed reviews.
  • Street front determination for corner properties.


People who need approvals from PCPC as part of their zoning permit applications.


Most site plans must show the information from the Developers Checklist. Depending on the type of review you need, you may have to provide more details.

For lot line changes

If you want to change your lot lines or create new parcels, the plans must be reviewed by PCPC before you submit your application to L&I. You will also need to have:

  • A survey plan drawn by a licensed surveyor or engineer.
  • A stamp by the local City Survey District, if they didn’t draw the plan.
  • Existing and proposed changes.
  • New legal descriptions of the properties for the new deeds.

Note that if the new properties do not front on a city street, an in-person review at the counter (“counter review”) may not be possible. Call (215) 683-4615 for information.

For parking lots and landscaping

Bring in eight copies of your site plans, which should include:

  • A landscape plan or list of plants.
  • Calculations for the percentage of landscaping in the interior of a parking lot, if needed.
  • Street trees.
  • New or existing curb cuts.
  • Drive aisle widths.
  • The size of the parking spaces.
  • The location of the parking levels, above or below ground.
  • The circulation and exits.

For Wissahickon Watershed reviews

Bring in eight copies of your site plans, which should include:

  • Impervious coverage, existing and proposed (only for watershed reviews).
  • Distances to any nearby streams or swales (only for watershed reviews).
  • Areas with a 15% or greater slope.
  • Areas with a 25% or greater slope.
  • Distance to the nearest intersection, if the property is not on a corner.

You may also need a plan review from the Philadelphia Water Department.

For street front determination for corner properties

Bring in eight copies of your site plans, which should include the names and widths of the streets that the lot touches.

Where and when

Site plan reviews are conducted with PCPC staff. Walk-ins are accepted, but you may need to arrange an appointment if:

  • Your plans are too complicated for a counter review.
  • Your plans require a formal review.
  • Your project is very large and still in the conceptual stage.

For more information or to set up an appointment, call (215) 683-4615.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The PCPC office is located at:

1515 Arch St.
13th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102


There are no separate costs for this review.