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Zoning, planning & development

Apply for artwork approval from the Art Commission

You must submit a proposal to the Art Commission for artwork to be:

  • Commissioned by the City.
  • Purchased by the City.
  • Donated to the City.
  • Placed on City property.

The Art Commission will review the design and location of your proposal.

Your proposal should first be submitted to the Public Art Office of the Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy.


A proposal may be submitted by the owner of a work of art or the City department that controls the work’s proposed site. 

Submission materials

All proposals must include a cover letter, photographs, renderings, and supporting materials. Other information may be requested.

Cover letter

Your cover letter should describe:

  • The artwork.
  • The art selection process.
  • The construction project.
  • The site where the art will be installed.

This letter should also identify the people involved. That includes the name and contact information for:

  • The artwork’s donor.
  • The sponsoring City department.
  • Any parties who are responsible for maintaining the artwork. If there is a maintenance agreement in place, describe it.


You must include:

  • Photographs of the art, if it’s an existing work.
  • Current photographs of the proposed site. Only use older photographs to show former conditions. Do not use online street views.


You must include:

  • Architectural or site drawings that show the art as it will appear on site.
  • Drawings or photographs of models that show the art in its proposed location.
  • Drawings that show the art’s materials and colors.
  • Drawings that show how the art will be installed, including engineering documents if needed.

Supporting materials

If you plan to place privately-owned art on City property, you must show proof of approval from the department that controls the site.

Where and when

Submit a package of the submission materials to, or to:

Philadelphia Art Commission
1515 Arch St., 13th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Appointments are required for in-person plan reviews. To schedule, use our online appointment system. Once you’ve entered your contact information, select “Art Commission” and choose “Art Commission plan review.”

Review process

The Art Commission will typically review proposals for all new works of art in two stages:

  1. Concept review is an early-stage review of concept and siting.
  2. Final review is an advanced-stage review of all aspects of the design and installation of the work of art. This should incorporate comments made by the Art Commission during concept review.

For certain proposals, including public art maintenance or conservation work, and some temporary installations, the Art Commission staff may give administrative approval. In these instances, staff will put the submission on the next Art Commission meeting agenda to be endorsed by the commission without requiring a full presentation.