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Report a change to lot lines for your property taxes

If you subdivide your property or combine it with another, it may affect your property tax bill. You should report changes to property lot lines to the Office of Property Assessment (OPA).


To report a change to lot lines, you must send a cover letter and specific documents to the OPA.

Your cover letter should describe:

  • The current OPA addresses and account numbers of the locations on the Zoning Permit.
  • The addresses that you would like to use for the new lot configurations, if applicable.
  • Your intent to record the appropriate deed with the Department of Records. The deed should confirm the new, approved lot configurations.
  • Your intent to notify the OPA when you can provide the recorded deed document ID numbers.
  • A name, postal address, or email address where the statement of proposed OPA addresses and account numbers should be sent.

You should also send the following documents:

  • Unrecorded deed of subdivision or consolidation
  • An approved site or survey plan indicating the existing and proposed lot configuration lines
  • A Zoning Permit to adjust property lot lines

Where and when

When your cover letter and documents are ready, mail them to:

Office of Property Assessment
ATTN: New addresses/accounts request
Curtis Center
601 Walnut St., Suite 300 W.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

What happens next

If the documents are in order, the OPA will send a statement of proposed addresses and account numbers. This is usually sent within five business days.

The OPA will delete the existing addresses and account numbers. They will activate the proposed OPA addresses and accounts for the tax year following the year of conveyance on the recorded deed.