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Property, lots & housing

Report a problem with a building, lot, or street

Service overview

You can report a problem with a building, street, or vacant lot to 311.

For example, you can report:

  • Construction projects that violate building codes.
  • Work without a permit.
  • Maintenance problems on the inside or outside of a building.
  • Buildings in poor condition or that have materials falling into the street.
  • Rental properties that violate City codes.
  • Vacant buildings where people are trespassing.
  • Vacant lots that are overgrown, covered in trash, or otherwise neglected.
  • Properties being used in a way that violates licensing requirements or zoning codes.
  • Problems with streets, such as potholes.


You can make a report using an online form, or by calling 311. Call (215) 686-8686 if you are outside Philadelphia.

To track the progress of a service request you submitted, use the 311 service request tracker.

For emergencies, call 911.

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