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Service overview

Deed fraud occurs when a person sells a home pretending to be the owner without the permission of the legal owner. The legal owner’s name is removed from the deed without the legal owner’s knowledge or informed consent.

Mortgage fraud occurs when someone signs a mortgage against a property that they do not own to borrow money against the property. The mortgage transactions are completed without the knowledge or informed consent of the legal owner of the property.

You can protect yourself from deed and mortgage fraud by signing up for Deed Fraud Guard. Deed Fraud Guard is a simple way to monitor your land records and warn you of potential property fraud.


Deed Fraud Guard is for any property owner in Philadelphia.


Deed Fraud Guard is free.


Register your name on the Deed Fraud Guard website, and when a document is recorded with your name on it, you will be notified by email. Once you receive the email, you have several options available to access and review the document.