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Get your water tested

Before you begin

It helps to know what material your water pipe is made of before making the appointment. Watch this video or read this fact sheet (PDF) for instructions on checking your pipes.

Service overview

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) will conduct free water quality tests for customers with concerns about lead or water quality in their homes.


If you have lead plumbing in your home or other water quality concerns, you can contact PWD to arrange for a free testing of your water.


There is no cost for water quality testing.


Contact the Water Department.

Customers who have lead plumbing or other water quality concerns and would like to have PWD test their water should call (215) 685-6300 to request a test.

You will be contacted to schedule an appointment within 10-15 business days.
A Water Department representative will test your water.

A representative from our lab will come to your home and take a tap water sample that will be tested for lead and other water quality parameters.