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Water, gas & utilities


If you pay rent to live in your apartment, house, or condominium, you can apply to receive water service in your name. Complete the tenant water customer application below and email it to the Water Revenue Bureau at: You will have to submit the following documents along with your application:

  • Written consent from the owner for you to have water service in your name.
  • A valid street address for the owner.
  • One current, government-issued photo ID.
  • Proof of residency. For example: a copy of your lease, a rent book, a canceled check, etc.
  • Current utility bills in your name, listing the street address for the property.
  • A water meter reading. If there is no meter on the property, a meter must be installed before the application is approved. Call the Meter Shop (215) 685-3000 to get a water meter installed.

In addition, please make sure your landlord has an up-to-date rental housing license before submitting your application and documents.

You will not be able to receive water service in your name if your landlord does not have an up-to-date rental housing license for the property you are renting.

Forms & instructions