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Water, gas & utilities

Commercial tenants

Businesses that rent or lease space from a property owner or manager are required to get a Commercial Activity License to conduct business in Philadelphia.

If a landlord requires commercial tenants to pay the water bill, they can receive the bill by completing an application and providing the required documents.

Completed applications must be submitted with these required documents:

  • Copy of the lease agreement
  • Current government issued ID
  • Commercial Activity License
  • A notarized letter from the property owner stating they will assume responsibility for any water bills that you (the tenant) do not pay.
    Please note: The water account must have a current balance (no delinquent periods)

The bill will include all account information needed to:

  • Pay or dispute a bill; and
  • Request a payment agreement.

Completed and signed applications along with the required documents can be emailed to 

Call (215) 685-6300 or email to change your water bill to braille or large print.