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Water, gas & utilities

Reasons for water shutoff

Your water and sewer service may be shut off in the following cases.

Late payment

You have not paid your water and sewer bill on time. Before your service is shut off, the Water Revenue Bureau will send you one or more of the following notices:

  • Past Due Notice: This message appears on your bill. When you receive a past due notice, you can either pay the entire amount due or set up a payment plan with Water Revenue.
  • Final Notice: If you are a customer with a delinquent account, you get one notice sent by mail before your water service is shut off.

Lack of meter access

You have not allowed the Philadelphia Water Department to read or repair your meter.

Public safety

Emergencies or health and safety violations have occurred that threaten water quality. When this occurs, the Water Department issues a Notice of Defect to the customer, and can shut of water until repairs are made.


Your customer application is found to be based on a false identity or false information.

Water main breakage

When this happens:

  • The main is shut down to isolate the emergency.
  • Most interruptions to water service are fixed within six to eight hours.
  • Affected customers are notified with a door hanger on the front door of the property.

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