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Water, gas & utilities


If you have permission to live in a property without a lease, you are considered an “occupant” of that property. To receive water service in your name, you’ll need to complete the occupant water customer application below and email it to the Water Revenue Bureau at

You must submit the following documents along with your application:

  • Evidence of occupancy or potential ownership. Evidence can include:
    • A completed application


  • An affidavit that WRB deems appropriate wherein the applicant agrees to pay for Utility Service supplied in his or her name and make certain acknowledgments and certifications consistent with the regulations.


  • Administrator of estate document and/or letter of testamentary


  • Letter of Merit from attorney


  • An executor’s certificate.


  • Documentation if Owner is not deceased:
    • Rental Agreement
    • Agreement of Sale for the Dwelling Unit
    • A Lease
    • Rent book,
    • Money Order Receipts or cancelled checks
    • Other utility bills in the applicant’s name at the address
    • Rent Receipts
    • Or Other written evidence of tenancy or Owner’s consent to occupy the premises
  • One current, government-issued photo ID.
    • This can include identification in the form of a United States or State issued photo identification such as the following:
      • driver’s license,
      • PA photo ID,
      • U.S. Passport card,
      • U.S. Permanent Resident Card,
      • U.S. Visa
      • U.S. Department of Defense Common Access Card
      • Other forms of personal identification may be accepted pending supervisor review
    • The most recent water bill or a water meter reading. If there is no meter on the property, a meter must be installed before the application is approved. Call (215) 685-3000 to get a water meter installed.

Call (215) 685-6300 or email to change your water bill to braille or large print.

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