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Water, gas & utilities

Water customer responsibilities

As a water customer, your responsibilities include:

  • Paying your bill on time.
  • Allowing a City representative to access your water meter.
  • Keeping your meter in good condition and preventing it from freezing.
  • Calling (215) 685-6300 if:
    • Your bill is not accurate.
    • The usage chart on your bill shows you have an estimated reading.
    • The usage chart on your bill shows you have a zero reading.
    • Your meter is damaged.
    • There are dangerous conditions such as leaks and damaged infrastructure (like hydrants, inlets, etc.).
    • You need to change your address.
  • Fixing any water leaks and plumbing issues in your house and the water pipes connecting your house to the ferrule (the valve connecting your pipe to the water main).
  • Maintaining and repairing the sanitary and storm sewer lateral lines connecting your house to the sewer main.

Customers who do not have fully operational water or sewer lines will be served a Notice of Defect and are required to repair defects within the period stated on the notice. For more details, review the City’s complete Water Department regulations.