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Water, gas & utilities

Customer responsibilities

Your responsibilities are:

  • Paying your bill on time.
  • Allowing a City representative to access your water meter.
  • Keeping your meter in good condition and preventing it from freezing. To replace a damaged meter, call (215) 685-6300.
  • Reporting dangerous conditions such as leaks and damaged pipes by calling (215) 685-6300.
  • Informing the Water Revenue Bureau of any change in your billing or mailing address by calling (215) 685-6300.
  • Calling (215) 685-6300 if you see an “E” on your bill. This means your bill has been estimated (“E”) based on previous usage. Estimates are used when there’s a problem getting a meter reading. You’ll need to make an appointment to determine the status of your meter.
  • Fixing any water leaks and plumbing issues in your house and the water pipes connecting your house to the ferrule (the valve connecting your pipe to the water main).
  • Maintaining and repairing, if necessary, the sanitary and storm sewer lateral lines connecting your house to the sewer main.

What to expect from Philadelphia Department of Water

  • Fair service provided by courteous, efficient employees.
  • Confidential handling of your personal information.
  • Whatever assistance is necessary to understand your water and sewer bill.

Notice of Defect

Customers who do not have fully operational water or sewer lines will be served a Notice of Defect and are required to repair defects within the period stated on the notice. For more details, review the City’s complete Water Department regulations.