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Water, gas & utilities

Dispute a water bill

If you feel there’s a problem with your water bill—whether it’s the amount due, the payment terms, a water shutoff notice, or another issue—you have the right to dispute it. Follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

Contact customer service

Your first step should be to contact the Water Revenue Bureau to discuss the issue with a customer service representative. We may be able to offer a simple solution. You can either:

Write an email to; or

Call (215) 685-6300; or

Write a letter to:

Water Revenue Bureau
P.O. Box 41496
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1496
Work Phone:

Request an informal hearing

If you are unsatisfied after contacting customer service, and receiving a written decision, you may request an informal hearing with the Water Revenue Bureau. (An informal hearing is an in-person meeting where you present your dispute to the Bureau. It’s called “informal” because it doesn’t happen in a court.) You will receive a request form along with the decision.

Reasons to request a hearing include cases where:

  • Your water bill payment agreement terms have not been properly applied.
  • Your application for water-related services or financial assistance has been wrongly rejected.
  • Your water was incorrectly shut off for nonpayment or lack of meter access.

Call (215) 685-6300 to obtain an informal hearing request form. After your hearing, the Bureau will conduct its review and send you a letter explaining its decision.

Appeal a written decision

If you disagree with the Bureau’s written decision, You may appeal the Informal Hearing decision to the Tax Review Board (Board). You must appeal within 60 days of the decision, either by mailing a completed appeals form to the Tax Review Board or by contacting the Board in person:

Tax Review Board
Land Title Building
100 South Broad Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19110-1099
Phone: (215) 686-5216

After the Tax Review Board hearing, the Board will mail you a final written decision about the dispute.