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Report wrongful discharge for parking employees

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Effective September 3, 2019, parking workers in Philadelphia can no longer be discharged without just cause. Discharge without just cause is the illegal practice of terminating an employee without progressive discipline, and without providing a precise reason for the discharge.

Examples of violations under the wrongful discharge from parking law include:

  • Failure to post the wrongful discharge from parking employment poster
  • Failure to keep records for two years
  • Failure to use progressive discipline
  • Wrongful discharge without just cause

Employers can contact the Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance for a sample HR progressive discipline policy template and sample discharge letter that is compliant under this law.


If you have been wrongfully terminated or have experienced other violations of this law, you can file a complaint provided that your complaint is filed within two years of the incident.

In order to file a complaint, fill out and sign the Wrongful Discharge From Parking Employment Complaint form.

Forms can be emailed to, or mailed to:

Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance
1515 Arch St., 11th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102