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Appeal to the Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission hears appeals from the City’s civil service employees. If you feel wrongful action has been taken against you at work, you might have grounds for an appeal.

The Civil Service Commission hears three kinds of appeals:

  • Non-disciplinary
    • Denied request for a leave of absence or extension of leave
    • Performance report scored “Improvement Needed” or worse
    • Disqualification by the oral test board
    • Involuntary resignation
    • Layoff
  • Disciplinary
    • Demotion or reduction in pay
    • Suspension
    • Dismissal
  • Injury and disability
    • Refusal to return to work
    • Refusal to accept City treatment
    • Disagreement with disability assessments

You cannot appeal issues relating to:

  • Disqualification of a job application.
  • Written examinations.
  • Promotions.
  • Dismissal or rejection during probation, or probationary performance reports.
  • Denial of reinstatement following a resignation.
  • Separation due to abandoning a position.


Filing an appeal

Fill out the relevant form for your appeal. Your submission must explain what you are appealing. The information you provide will allow the commission to determine if your appeal meets the requirements. For complete details about appeal requirements, consult the civil service regulations and the Home Rule Charter.

You may file your appeal by mail, fax, or hand-delivery. You cannot submit an appeal by email. Only submit one form per appeal.

Appeal hearings

If your appeal meets the requirements, the commission will schedule a hearing. During the appeal process, you may be represented by legal counsel or a union representative of any authorized bargaining unit.

If your appeal fails, the commission may grant a rehearing less than 30 days after the initial decision.

When and where

Mail or deliver appeals to:
Municipal Services Building, 16th floor
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Fax appeals to (215) 686-2374.

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