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Become a crossing guard

Service overview

School crossing guards contribute to the success of Philadelphia students and are important to school communities. Rain or shine, crossing guards promote the safety of students walking to and from schools that serve grades K-5.

Crossing guards stop and direct traffic at assigned intersections during school days. Their hours are mornings from 7 to 9 a.m. and afternoons from 2 to 4 p.m., with adjustments for early dismissal days.

School crossing guards work part-time and receive health benefits, pension benefits, and paid time off. Available positions will appear on the City’s jobs board.


Child Protective Services Law requires the following background checks before hiring a school crossing guard:

  • FBI criminal history background check
  • Pennsylvania State Police criminal background check
  • Pennsylvania child abuse background check

If hired, crossing guards must maintain their two Pennsylvania background checks throughout employment.


Crossing guards are hired by neighborhood police districts. If you want to be a crossing guard, but don’t know which police district you live in, use the City’s map to find your police district.

When we’re hiring, positions will appear on the City’s jobs board. To sign up for notifications about job openings, visit the Civil Service job class specifications page and search for “crossing guard.”