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Trash, recycling & city upkeep

Report a sanitation code violation

You can report a sanitation code violation to the City by using this form or by calling 311. Sanitation code violations include:

  • Setting out trash or recycling at the wrong time.
  • Setting out too much trash.
  • Putting the wrong items in trash or recycling.
  • Using the wrong kind of trash or recycling container.
  • Putting household trash in a public wastebasket.
  • Improper disposing of construction debris.
  • Dumpsters without proper identification or a medallion.
  • Dumpsters that are improperly maintained.

View the residential trash and recycling rules for more details.

Once you submit a request, the Department of Streets will investigate. Depending on the violation and identifying evidence found, the offending party may be fined.

Sanitation code violation report form