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Philadelphia Department of Prisons


Learn about the facilities operated by the Philadelphia Department of Prisons (PDP).

The Philadelphia Department of Prisons (PDP) operates four facilities that house both male and female incarcerated people. The facilities include:

You can locate an incarcerated person or learn how to visit an incarcerated person.

Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility (CFCF)

About the facility

The Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility opened in 1995. CFCF consists of four housing buildings and an administration building. It is the largest PDP facility.

The facility is named in honor of Warden Patrick N. Curran and Deputy Warden Robert F. Fromhold. Curran and Fromhold were killed at Holmesburg Prison on May 31, 1973. They are the only PDP staff known to have been killed in the line of duty.

Contact and visiting information

Curran-Fromhold Correctional Center
7901 State Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19136

(215) 685-7843

Learn about visiting hours at CFCF and how to visit an incarcerated person.

Detention Center (DC)

About the facility

The Detention Center opened in 1963. It replaced the defunct Moyamensing Prison as the intake center for the Philadelphia Department of Prisons. The Detention Center served as the PDP’s male intake center until 1995.

The Detention Center is PDP’s medical unit. It houses incarcerated people who require medical and behavioral health inpatient treatment. The center includes four dormitories, three cellblocks, and a 99-bed Prison Health Services Wing.

Contact and visiting information

Detention Center
8201 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19136

(215) 685-8436

Learn about visiting hours at DC and how to visit an incarcerated person.

Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC)

About the facility

Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center opened in 1986. It was the first PDP facility built to use unit management. Unit management divides the incarcerated population into more manageable groups.

PICC has 13 housing units. Each has a yard, laundry facilities, medical triage areas, counseling rooms, and staff offices. The units have easy access to classrooms, vocational training areas, law libraries, and chapels. Today, PICC houses adult men.

Contact and visiting information

Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center
8301 State Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19136

(215) 685-7100

Learn about visiting hours at PICC and how to visit an incarcerated person.

Riverside Correctional Facility (RCF)

About the facility

The Riverside Correctional Facility opened in June 2004.

The facility is three stories. Each floor includes a recreation area, dispensary, multipurpose area, and food-delivery area. The facility includes:

  • Administrative and staff offices.
  • Classrooms for educational, computer, and vocational training,
  • An intake and discharge area.
  • A gymnasium.
  • Areas for medical and behavioral health treatment.
  • Social service areas.
  • Law and leisure libraries.

Contact and visiting information

Riverside Correctional Facility
8151 State Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19136

(215) 685-6911

Learn about visiting hours at RCF and how to visit an incarcerated person.