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Philadelphia Department of Prisons

Prison programming

The Philadelphia Department of Prisons (PDP) provides a variety of programming for incarcerated people. Programming ranges from restorative and mental health services to onsite job training.

Corizon Health

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Mental health

PDP’s mental health programming promotes effective, positive coping behavior in incarcerated people through psychiatric services.

Psychologists and social workers offer education, treatment, and intensive rehabilitation.

Chaplaincy services

Chaplaincy Services provides religious programs through volunteers of different faiths.

The Director of Chaplaincy Services coordinates scheduled programs for each prison facility.

General Educational Development

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Pre-GED Literacy Program

The Pre-GED Literacy Program (PGLP) prepares incarcerated people who read and perform below a 5th grade level for the GED. Instructors oversee the classroom and peer tutors offer academic support.

Jewish Employment Vocational Services (JEVS)

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Opportunities for Prevention and Treatment Interventions for Offenders Needing Support (OPTIONS) provides substance-use disorder treatment to incarcerated people in intensive housing units.

OPTIONS has a partnership with Temple University for the Inside/Out program. In this program, OPTIONS participants are paired with Temple University students in a for-credit class. Incarcerated people participating in this program complete all the same assignments as university students.

Penny Pack House School

Penny Pack House School is the Philadelphia Department of Prisons’ school for youthful offenders. It is overseen by the Philadelphia School District. The school’s efforts are supported by a multidisciplinary team of teachers.


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Philadelphia Prison Television

Philadelphia Prison Television provides educational programming and communication to the entire prison community.

The programming includes:

  • Educational instruction.
  • College video courses.
  • GED training videos.
  • Quality entertainment.


PDP plays an active role in preparing individuals for reentry.

Reentry programming is a combined effort of the Philadelphia Department of Prisons, the Adult Probation and Parole Department, and the Office of Reentry Partnerships.

Social services

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