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Recycling Program

Reducing litter, saving resources, and helping to keep Philadelphia clean.


The City’s recycling program operates on an enormous scale. It’s important that we each do our part to ensure we’re recycling the right things—the right way.

Recycling right saves resources. It’s good for the environment, reduces litter and pollution, and keeps our communities clean and healthy. Improper recycling is putting trash in your recycling, where it ruins good materials, damages equipment, and endangers workers. It only takes one bad bin to ruin a truckload of good recycling.

Learn how to recycle and what belongs in the bin.

Recycling is the law in Philadelphia. If you don't recycle and/or recycle properly, you may be issued a fine by SWEEP. Read a summary of residential trash and recycling rules.


1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 730
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Streets Department Resumes Outdoor Operations on Friday, June 9

The Streets Department will resume all of its outdoor operations on Friday, June 9.
Crews will be working through Saturday to pick up any delayed trash and recycling collections. On Friday, trash and recycling materials not collected from Thursday’s sanitation routes will be picked up. Crews will also begin picking up materials regularly collected on Friday’s sanitation routes. The completion of Friday’s routes will take place on Saturday. Other services that will resume include paving, traffic, street lighting and street repairs.
The Streets Department thanks residents for their patience and cooperation as we work through this emergency. The health and safety of our employees are our priority as well as providing our core services safely and efficiently to residents.