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Trash, recycling & city upkeep

File a Commercial Waste Report

Commercial property owners in Philadelphia must submit a Commercial Waste Report each year. These reports provide the City with important information about waste management in Philadelphia. This information helps us track progress toward our Zero Waste goal.


If you are the property owner, property manager, or the sole tenant, you are responsible for submitting the Commercial Waste Report for your building annually.

Institutions with multiple Office of Property Assessment (OPA) numbers should only submit one form.


You need the following to file the report:

  • Your Office of Property Assessment (OPA) number
    • This number is on the envelope you originally received from OPA. You can look it up using the Property application.
  • Information about your waste hauling service
  • Contact information for the property owner and manager
  • Types of materials you recycle and donate.

Where and when

The form must be submitted annually by December 31.


Fill out the Commercial Waste Report form online.

Use the Commercial Waste Report portal to submit the report.

Publicly post the form.

Print the PDF of your form after submitting it. Post it in a prominent public location.

Distribute copies of the form to employees.
Make sure recycling is easy and bins are abundant.

A recycling container should be paired with each trash can.

Install signage.

Post proper signage, including pictures of permitted recyclables, so employees and patrons know where and how to recycle.