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Recycling Program

Special items

Curbside trash and recycling collection are not your only options.

Compost and mulch programs

Leaves and Christmas trees placed curbside will be taken as trash. However, the Department of Streets hosts seasonal programs for residents who want their leaves and Christmas trees to be composted.

Leaf recycling

Leaf recycling is one of several services provided by the Streets Department to honor the City’s ongoing commitment to recycling. This recycling program reduces the waste stream and saves landfill space. Mechanical collection and bagged drop-off services are provided.

Collected leaves are taken to the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center. Small quantities of the resulting compost and mulch are available for free to Philadelphia residents.

Get organic materials

Holiday tree recycling

Christmas tree recycling usually takes place for two weeks in January. While the program is running, you may bring your Christmas tree to one of several designated locations or one of six sanitation convenience centers. Trees can also be left at select locations managed by various neighborhood and civic organizations.

Disposing of items not collected curbside

Some materials are not accepted as part of curbside collection, but you can still dispose of them properly.

Item type Disposal methods
Electronics (e.g., computers, televisions)
Household hazardous waste (e.g., paints, motor oil, antifreeze)
Bulk items (e.g., stoves, washing machines, air conditioners)
Universal waste (e.g., fluorescent light bulbs and lithium, rechargeable, and lead-acid batteries)
Construction debris (e.g., bricks, rocks, cinder or concrete block, etc.)


Resources for recycling and donation

Find out where to donate items or recycle in Philadelphia.

Use the recycling and donation finder