Payments, assistance & taxes

Pay delinquent tax balances

If you have delinquent tax debts that need to be paid to the City, it’s important for you to communicate with us so we can help you make a plan to pay.

Make a full or partial payment online

To pay your outstanding tax balances online, go to the City’s eFile/ePay site and look for the link that says “Pay Outstanding Tax Balances.” The eFile/ePay site will accept payments for any delinquent City taxes except Real Estate Tax. You can make either full payments or partial payments.

To pay outstanding property taxes, visit the City’s Real Estate Tax portal.

Arrange a payment plan if you need one

If you can’t pay your debt in full or if you need more time to pay, please call the Department of Revenue at (215) 686-6600. Our customer representatives will help you set up a payment plan that takes into account your income and other factors.