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Trees, parks & the environment

Get a street tree

A street tree is a tree planted along sidewalks and other public rights-of-way. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation can help property owners get a free street tree planted in front of their home, business, or other property.


Residential and commercial property owners in Philadelphia can get street trees. If you would like a tree for your yard, visit get a yard tree to learn how.

Where and when

Request trees from the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Street Tree Office. Tree planting season usually runs from mid-April to mid-June and mid-October to mid-November.


To get a free street tree:

Call Parks & Recreation’s Street Tree Management Division at (215) 685-4363 or (215) 685-4362, or fill out the form below.

A Parks & Rec street tree inspector will visit your property to check out your sidewalk and determine if there’s enough room for a tree. If your property is approved, the inspector will leave a permission form in your mailbox.

Once you sign and return your form, your property will be put on the planting list for the next planting season available. Planting usually happens anywhere from 12-24 months after we receive your signed permission form.

Fill out the form

To get a tree sooner:

If you are a property owner and would like to speed up the street tree planting process, you can hire a certified arborist to plant a tree for you at your expense. The arborist must:

  • Be on the City’s Qualified Contractor list. To get a list of qualified contractors email  
  • Obtain a tree planting permit from the Parks & Rec Street Tree Management Office.
  • Select a tree from the approved street tree list.
  • Plant the tree, including cutting the sidewalk if necessary.

Forms & instructions

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