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Get a street tree

A street tree is a tree planted along sidewalks and other public rights-of-way. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation can help property owners get a free street tree planted in front of their home, business, or other property.


Residential and commercial property owners in Philadelphia can get street trees. If you would like a tree for your yard, visit get a yard tree to learn how.

Where and when

Request trees from the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Street Tree Office. Tree planting season usually runs from mid-April to mid-June and mid-October to mid-November.


To get a tree sooner:

If you are a property owner and would like to speed up the street tree planting process, you can hire a certified arborist to plant a tree for you at your expense. The arborist must:

  • Be on the City’s Qualified Contractor list. To get a list of qualified contractors email 
  • Obtain a tree planting permit from the Parks & Rec Street Tree Management Office.
  • Select a tree from the approved street tree list.
  • Plant the tree, including cutting the sidewalk if necessary.

Forms & instructions

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