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Request a dog run

Before you start

Please note that the process for getting a dog run is lengthy and involves many steps including:

  • Getting a group of people together who agree to be the “organizing entity.” This is a group that will agree to volunteer to keep the dog run in good condition for years to come.
  • Making a plan about the dog run, including thinking about and agreeing to raising the money needed to build the dog run and maintain it every year. The costs of building and maintaining a dog run vary based on location, size, and the availability of utilities, like water.


Anyone can request a dog run in a Philadelphia park or rec center, but a dog run is not likely to be approved unless:

  • The proposed location is at least 200 feet away from neighboring residences. 
  • The proposed location is at least 100 feet away from any body of water. 
  • The person requesting it has support from other volunteers and the community.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation will consider requests to create a dog run on Parks & Rec property on a case-by-case basis.

Where and when

Requests for a dog run can be submitted by email to


If you are able to form an organizing entity and think you can raise the funds, you should submit the following in writing:

  • Identify the park or rec center recommended for the dog run.
  • Provide a map of the specific area you would like to use for the dog run.
  • Identify members of the organizing entity that will manage, maintain, and commit to raise the necessary funds for the dog run. Include name, address, email address, and phone number.
  • Show neighborhood support from local elected officials and community organizations. You can show neighborhood support by having letters from these groups or people:
    • Friends group or Advisory Council affiliated with the site.
    • Civic associations.
    • Community Development Corporations.
    • Condo or tenant associations.
  • Accept that the organizing entity is responsible for fundraising all costs to design and construct according to Parks & Rec standards. Required improvements will include:
    • Fencing.
    • Artificial turf suitable for dogs.
    • Lighting.
    • Water service.
    • Trash receptacles.
    • Seating.
    • Signage.
  • Develop stewardship and financial plans to sustain the site, including ongoing fundraising efforts for maintenance costs.
  • Review the guidelines for creating a dog run. Make sure your proposal follows these guidelines.

Once you have completed the steps above, submit a proposal to

Upon receipt, the proposal will be reviewed by Parks & Rec leadership and discussed with your district City Council office.

After reviewing, Parks & Rec will request a meeting with the organizing entity to discuss your proposal in more detail.

Parks & Rec will render a decision within three months of receiving the proposal.