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Dog regulations and best practices

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation welcomes our four-legged friends and their owners to our properties. Review our regulations and best practices for dog activity on Parks & Rec property.

Use this information to keep your pets safe and happy while protecting Philadelphia’s parks and green spaces.

Dog regulations

Two main regulations guide Parks & Rec in the management of dogs on Parks & Rec property.

Dogs are prohibited in animal-free areas. An animal-free area is a zone where no animals are permitted, except service animals. Animal-free areas are usually in Parks & Rec playgrounds, ballfields, spraygrounds, athletic courts, and gardens.

Best practices

Be a good neighbor and park steward.

  • Help to keep your park clean and safe for all to enjoy by picking up after your dog and using the trash cans.
  • Always obey park or playground signs.
  • Always keep control of your dog. It is the owner/handler’s responsibility.
  • Do not allow your dog to run and jump on other people or dogs uninvited.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended.
  • Do not tie your dog to fences, benches or any park furnishings.
  • Keep off wet grass.
  • Be considerate of picnickers and watch where your dog goes. Remember, urine damages grass and trees.
  • Obey City of Philadelphia licensing laws (get a dog license) and follow Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vaccination requirements (find low-cost pet care and vaccinations.)

Permitted spaces

Dogs are permitted in the following locations:

Parks & Rec property
You may walk your dog anywhere on Parks & Rec property on a leash of 6 feet or less, unless specifically posted as an animal-free area.

Dog run
A dedicated, fenced-in area in a park or playground for dogs to exercise unleashed. There are currently seven authorized dog runs on Parks & Rec properties. All dog runs are managed and maintained by a local volunteer organization with oversight from Parks & Rec. Please follow dog run rules posted at each facility.

Dog run locations

  • Black, Coyle and McBride (Pops) Playground: Trenton Ave. & E. Hazzard Sts., 19125
  • Columbus Square Park: 12th & Reed Sts., 19147
  • Manayunk (Pretzel) Park: 4300 Silverwood St., 19127
  • Mario Lanza Park: 214 Catharine St., 19147
  • Monkiewicz Playground: 3201 Richmond St., 19134
  • Schuylkill River Park: 25th & Spruce Sts., 19103
  • Seger Playground: 11th & Lombard Sts., 19147
  • Lanier Playground: 1600 S 29th St., 19145

If you are interested in applying for a dog run in a Parks & Rec park, review our guidelines for requesting a dog run.