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Trees, parks & the environment

Request street tree maintenance

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation prunes mature street trees and removes dead and hazardous street trees as needed.

We also take care of trees in neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and playgrounds owned by the City of Philadelphia. We do not remove living, healthy trees, and we cannot work on private property.


If you’re a homeowner, you can request maintenance for street trees next to your property.

Where and when

You can request street tree maintenance online.


Those wanting tree maintenance can fill out a Street Tree Maintenance Request form below.

After you have filled out your request form, someone will contact you.

Property owners can also hire a certified arborist to maintain their street trees at their own expense. Contractors must obtain a tree work permit from the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Street Tree Management office at (215) 685-4362 or (215) 685-4363.

Forms & instructions