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Get a yard tree

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation can help you get a free yard tree through its TreePhilly program.

Yard trees:

  • Are planted in Philadelphia in the ground on private property in front, side, or back yards.
  • Are planted by residents and/or property owners.
  • Are NOT planted in containers, in the sidewalk, or on park land.
  • Are given away at community-hosted events each spring (April to May) and fall (October to November)

If you are looking for a tree for your sidewalk, apply for a street tree.


Philadelphia residents can get a free yard tree at a community event in their neighborhood.

When and where

We give out trees in spring (April to May) and fall (October and November).


Pick a season

We give out free trees at community giveaways in Spring (April to May) and Fall (October to November). This is the best time for planting trees because the weather is mild and the tree will be less stressed by being planted in a new home.

Look at your yard

Is your yard in the city of Philadelphia? Can you plant the tree on private property (not in the sidewalk or right-of-way)? If you do not have a yard, you can still donate, get a street tree, or become a community partner.

Find a community yard tree giveaway near you!

Check out our map to find the community-hosted event(s) in your zip code. Use the information on the map to find the Community Yard Tree Giveaway Event near you.

If you have limited mobility and are not able to pick up or plant your tree, apply to have your tree delivered and planted by an arborist!

Pick your tree

Ask the community partner what trees are available at their event. Ask yourself, does my yard get sun or shade? Can my yard use a big or small tree? Is my yard wet or dry? Pick the tree that works best for your yard.

Pick up your tree

Go to the event! Meet your neighbors and get connected. TreePhilly staff will be there to teach you how to plant and care for your tree.  If you are using a vehicle to transport your tree, bring a towel, trash bag, or tarp to protect it.

Plant and care for your tree

Plant your tree on your private property within ONE WEEK. Trees will not survive in the container through the hot, hot summer or the cold, cold winter, so plant as soon as possible to make sure your tree lives! Water your tree once a week with a nice deep soak from a hose, bucket, or watering bag.  More information about caring for your new tree can be found here.

Join our family

Stay connected. Follow us @TreePhilly on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, or email us to join our newsletter to find out about future giveaways, events, and news, and to ask your tree questions!

Forms & instructions

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