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Helping Philadelphia plant and care for trees.

What we do

TreePhilly gives out over 1,000 free yard trees for Philadelphians to plant on private property each spring and fall. TreePhilly also offers guidance for residents who want to buy, plant, and care for their own trees.

Through its community yard tree giveaway grants, TreePhilly empowers community groups to host yard tree giveaways, too.

Yard trees:

  • Are planted on private property only in front, side, or back yards.
  • Are planted by residents and/or property owners.
  • Can be requested through the TreePhilly Yard Tree Giveaway program each fall and spring.
  • Are not planted in containers, on sidewalks, or on other public rights-of-way.


1515 Arch St.
10th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Email treephilly@phila.gov
Fax: (215) 685-0205
Visit the Tree Philly website for more information.

Process and eligibility

We give out free trees at community giveaways in Spring (April to May) and Fall (October to November). This is the best time for planting trees because the weather is mild and the tree will be less stressed by being planted in a new home.

For details on the types of trees distributed at our giveaways, visit available yard trees.

For information on tree planting, and care, visit yard tree details.

Get Involved



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US Forest Service - Philadelphia Field Station

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CUSP (Climate & Urban Systems Partnership)

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