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Tree-related forms and documents

These documents will help you plan for and maintain street and yard trees in Philadelphia.

You can get a yard tree, a street tree, or learn more about Parks & Recreation’s TreePhilly program.

Name Description Released Format
Builders guide to planting street trees PDF Guide to required development plan review procedures for builders November 15, 2017
City of Philadelphia approved street tree list PDF List of approved street trees, organized by size. May 18, 2023
City of Philadelphia heritage tree list PDF List of heritage trees that may not be removed without special exception approval. Revised August 27, 2013. August 27, 2013
City of Philadelphia invasive species list PDF Information about replacement of invasive trees removed from development sites. September 23, 2021
Tree planting or maintenance request form PDF Use this form to request a tree or tree maintenance. June 17, 2021
Yard tree planting and care PDF A detailed guide on how to plant and care for your yard tree November 21, 2017
2014 Green Streets Design Manual PDF Design standards and guidance for developers building green stormwater infrastructure. May 4, 2016